Alabama - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

Old Alabama Town in Alabama - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

Have the vacation of a lifetime at Old Alabama Town in Alabama, by knowing the Attractions to see - Best times to visit - Places to stay, and more.


If you are interested in visiting an amazing village in the south then you must check out Old Alabama Town in Alabama. This village is made up of quite a few 19th and 20th century buildings that are authentic and have been restored to their original beauty. Located in Montgomery, Alabama, the town stretches over six blocks in the historic downtown area of this city. That's a pretty big area and it can take up to half a day to wander around and see the architecture and all the buildings.When you visit Old Alabama Town it is like you are walking into the late 1800s and by entering this realm you can "meet" the people who had such a huge impact on developing this part of Alabama simply by reading about their lives and seeing where they lived and worked. Seeing how the different buildings were in their original form helps visitors see the distinct difference in lifestyle from city dwellers and those who lived in more rural areas.More than 40 different buildings have been restored in this tiny little village and by doing so the non profit corporation in charge of it all is helping people remember the past and learn from it for future benefits. You truly will be amazed when you visit Old Alabama Town and kids will be especially filled with wonder. That's because they can see how buildings were constructed so many years ago and give them a new appreciation for the world today.Everyone who visits Old Alabama Town leaves with a renewed appreciation for all the hard work of our ancestors to make a better world not to mention a newfound appreciation for today's conveniences. This is a fabulous day trip for singles, families, and pretty much any tourist who would enjoy a good time learning about the past. Alabama Real Estate Courses

Where is Alabama

Alabama is a state in the "deep south" of the United States. Its nickname is "the Cotton State," because Alabama farmers used to raise so much cotton. Now they raise many other crops as well. The name Alabama came from a tribe of Indians who lived there before the white men came, and in their language alabama meant farmers. In population, Alabama ranks 17th in the United States, with more than three million people living there. In area it ranks 28th, having 51,078 square miles. It became a state in 1819, and was the 22nd state admitted to the United States.

The capital is Montgomery. Most of the people of Alabama used to be farmers. In the southern part of the state they still are, but in the center of the state, where the big cities are, there are many more who work in factories or who dig coal and iron ore out of the rich mines in this part of the state. In northern Alabama, which used to be a cotton and corn-raising section, more and more factories are being built. If you visit Alabama, and do not come from another southern state, one of the first things you will notice is that you see almost as many colored people as white people. There are about a million Negroes in Alabama, and about two million white people. Most of the Negroes work on farms or are laborers in factories. For many years they were very poor. Business Marketing

They lived in one-room cabins in the country, and in small shabby houses called shanties in the cities. They did not usually have bathrooms or running water or electric lights. Since World War II the Negroes have made more money and they can afford to live much better than they did. But they are still poorer than the white people. Most of the two million white people in Alabama were born there, and their parents and grandparents were born there. They are proud that they are southerners and that Alabama was one of the states that formed the Confederate States of America in 1861 and fought against the Union in the Civil War. Virtual Lead Generation

About Alabama

In Alabama you will see the old Confederate flag in many places, and monuments to soldiers who died in the Confederate armies. The Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, was from Alabama, and the capital of Alabama, Montgomery, for a short time was also capital of the Confederacy, back in 1861. The churches are very important in the social life of people in Alabama. Nearly everyone goes to Sunday School and to church, and especially in the smaller towns people have their clubs and parties and picnics through their churches.  Virtual Assistant Philippines

If you meet someone who comes from Alabama, you still can't be sure what his home country looks like until you find out what part of the state he lives in. The southern, the central and the northern parts of Alabama are quite different. The southern part is the "Black Belt" section. At the very southern end, of course, Alabama has a seacoast-a very short one, where long, deep, Mobile Bay runs north from the Gulf of Mexico to the city of Mobile, second-biggest city in the state. Near the seacoast there is sandy soil, as there usually is near the ocean; and there are forests of pecan and other trees; and there are swamps and marshes where many alligators live. A few miles above this region begins a "belt" of rich, black topsoil, twenty to fifty miles or more wide.  Alabama Online Real Estate Courses

This beltlike strip of land winds northward to the central part of the state. It is the blackness of its soil that gave it the name "Black Belt." Once it was considered one of the finest cottonraising places on earth. But the farmers used to have such bad years when the cotton crop failed, or when cotton prices fell too low, that they now raise peanuts and vegetables and other crops, as well as cotton, and they are much better off than they were. The central part of the state is the "Coal Mountain" section. Driving through this part, you are likely to see coal miners with axes on their shoulders and lamps on the fronts of their caps, just as you would in western Pennsylvania. There is much iron ore in those mountains, too, and other valuable minerals. Piano Lessons Peterborough

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In 2003, the grassroots initiatives of CCAA were enhanced when The Collaboration was created between CCAA and the Business Council of Alabama (BCA). The BCA/CCAA Partnership is the initial of its kind in the USA and has actually come to be a model for various other states. With each other, the two teams stand for the rate of interests and concerns of over one million working Alabamians.